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Telecommunication Technology Park Manouba

The Telecommunications Technology Park Manouba comprises a living center, The entire park extending over an area of ​​54 hectares, houses digital spaces that can accommodate businesses and innovative projects in the various fields of information and communications technology-

Manouba Technopark belongs to Elgazala Technopark which insures a total synergy between research, training and industry. It is recognised as a field for the exchange of ideas among engineers, scientists and researchers from all over the world in communication systems, networking and e-business. El Gazala Technopark is also the promoter of the grid of seven cyberparks spread all over the country
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Name and Mailing address
Name: Telecommunication Technology Park Manouba Web-site: Telecommunication Technology Park Manouba
Street: Send mail:
City: 2010, Manouba Phone/Fax: +216(22)22773481 / +216(22)
Country: Tunisia Networks:
Communication & Contact
  Chihi Kaïs
Manager Manouba Technopark

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Science and Technology Park Services

The goals of the Science and Technology Park: Specific Target Groups:
Develop profitable companies
Commercialize research
Raise awareness of entrepreneurship
Raise awareness of innovation
Economic Development of the city or region
No specific target group focus
Type of Technology / Science parkType of OrganizationFinancial Model
Science and Technology Park

Public sector
Technological Focus
ICT Information and Communication Technology - Software
ICT Information and Communication Technology - Hardware
Mobile Technologies
Science and Technology Park Data             Year technopark opened: 2011Year (statistic): 2015
Space availableClient Firms
land available (hectares)Number of client firms24
land used (hectares)Number of employees in client firms150
building space available (sq.m.)
building space used (sq.m.)
Technopark Staff
number of staff working in management / services
number of staff working in management / services
Business areas of client companies
- Automation, Process Technologies
- ICT Information and Communication Technologies
- Internet related technologies (e-commerce, e-marketing, e-learning, content provision & management, publishing, website development, VOIP)
- Optical Technologies, Opto-electronics, Laser
- Software development (CAD/CAM , IT Business Solutions)
- Telecommunications
- Mobile technologies; Fintech
Last Updated
August 15, 2016