SPICA Directory

In the year 2001 in Rio de Janeiro SPICE Group published the first global directory of business incubators and technology parks. This book found great interest, but the data collection process had shown that an online version was needed to cope with the rapid changes and growth of this industry.

SPICA Directory Online was developed and operated free of charge as the only global information system for business incubators, accelerators, technology / science parks, their associations and other organizations providing advice, support or finance for start-ups. The directory became fast track to information about the world of business incubation and science/technology parks from 93 countries, 114 national and international associations, 350+ science and technology parks and 2,000+ business incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces.

Over recent almost two decades this sector has changed continuously and grew significantly. This is why an ever increasing amount of resources, namely volunteered work power was needed to maintain the system - until it reached a level too high for been continuously provided by volunteers. We are sorry for having to inform that we now had to terminate this activity as of December 15, 2019.

We thank all partners and volunteers who helped during past 18 years making the experience of SPICA Directory possible.

Heinz Fiedler